Cosmic Enneagram

Exploring the Life Cycle of Stars & the Enneagram | taught by Trent Thornley

Course description

We are made of star dust!

Just as the Enneagram precisely describes the process of human transformation, so also does it describe processes found throughout nature . . . and the cosmos.

The class explores both the Process Enneagram and the Personality Enneagram using the concrete example of the star's life cycle, from birth to death, from supernova to black hole, from white hole to big bang in a jeweled network of multiverses.

Feel into each personality type by feeling into the cosmic process of star formation.

Each lesson features a video of about 20 minutes and includes a downloadable PDF summarizing the material. Each lesson also references lots of background resources and videos supporting the science related to each point.

Enjoy your cosmic journey!

Trent Thornley
Trent Thornley

Trent is an Enneagram educator and life coach. He developed the Living Enneagram approach, and he facilitates workshops all across the United States.

Trent is an ordained Buddhist Dharma Leader in lineage of Anam Thubten at Dharmata Sangha. He is also an ordained minister of the Metropolitan Community Churches, a progressive denomination celebrating queer spirituality. All of his education and coaching work is open and affirming of all paths.

Trent holds a masters degree in Buddhist Studies from the Graduate Theological Union and a Certificate in Buddhist Chaplaincy from the Institute of Buddhist Studies. He has years of rigorous spiritual practice in various Buddhist traditions.

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